Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why There Have Been No Posts Recently, or, The Stuff I've Been Up To Instead

There have been no posts because I am working on an article about our pseudonymous friend. I will be finished soon! Thereafter, we will embark upon a Pseudo-Isidorian summer fall, with some special excursions through the waters of Benedictus Levita (somewhat better charted than the decretals we've been sailing through recently).

Picture somewhat related. There is no wind in my office and I generally avoid ties, but the chair is similar. Also I think the time has come to get green slacks.


  1. ...and the continued silence is due to a very laudable endeavor. Eric is learning Greek. Way to go!

  2. In this I am only attempting to one-up Pseudo-Isidore, who betrays no knowledge of the language.


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