Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pseudo-Isidore is on twitter...

Make of that what you will.


  1. And is enjoying your blog about him! PSI.

  2. Now that we have him in our comments section, Pseudo-Isidore is invited to weigh in on a variety of pressing questions:

    Why the pseudonym Isidorus Mercator? I mean, we know where the elements come from, but why did you pick Isidore of Seville and add him to Marius Mercator? What were you aiming for? Or maybe the preface was an afterthought and you didn't think we'd read the whole collection in light of it? Help please.

    What is up with Benedictus Levita? I mean, seriously? What is the point of that? Why does the preface imply Mainz origins? Simple misdirection or something more interesting? Inquiring minds...

    Did you actually mean to forge 96 decretals, in total, or did things get out of hand?

    When you wrote those false decretals built from ninth-century source material (say, Paris 829), didn't you have any concerns in the verisimilitude department?

    Ditto when you put Jerome's Vulgate in the mouths of second- and third-century popes.

    This is just a start. I have other questions too, but feel we should ease into the interrogation. For both our sakes.


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